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Just A Boy And His Dog.

Just a boy and his dog... When Josephs mum contacted me regarding a puppy she told me a beautiful story about her little boy, from a very young age Joseph loved animals, his eyes would light up at the very sight of them. He is a very loving, caring little boy. When his mum started looking for a puppy for Joseph for his birthday she didn't rush in and buy the first puppy she saw she did a lot of research which all potential owners should do. They had owned a chihuahua for many years until sadly it passed away. Joseph was looking at pictures of various dogs but stopped on a photo of a dog he fell in love with and said i love this dog, this dog was Milo our very own gentle, loving boy. As fate would have it i had a puppy available that was Milos son and he looked just like a mini version of Milo! Here is a video that was sent to me by Josephs family on the morning of his birthday meeting 'Mr Snowflake' for the first time he is now known as Bullseye

:) I know there are breeders who wont place their puppies with family's who have young children but i believe the bond between children and dogs is unbreakable, if the parents are responsible and bring their children up to respect animals then their is no greater joy than having a 'best friend' . The look on Josephs face says it all and i feel very honoured to have played a part in bringing them together :)

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