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Edgard & Cooper


I have tried many different dog foods for my girls over the years, including raw, resulting in some upset tummies so I wanted to find a good quality food that they would enjoy that was easily digestable so I carried on searching for a product that hopefully would suit them all from puppies to adults and then I came across Edgard & Cooper!


And what a find!


Natural dog food for Adult dogs and Puppies in delicious flavours that my girls love!.


Edgard is a French Bulldog & Cooper is a Spaniel.


Pop over to their website which is full of information and see for yourselves as the ingredients spell out QUALITY.


If you have a Frenchie that likes both biscuits and wet food, Edgard & Cooper also produce their scrummy food in tins and trays including wet food for puppies which is fabulous...


Only FRESH MEAT is used that hasn't been processed, dried or frozen.


Then healthy, nutritious ingredients like vegetables, fruit, botanicals and herbs are added.

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