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By Corinne Binfield, Oct 31 2013 09:31AM

Mummy took some pictures of me all dressed up for Halloween, she said she would buy me lots of treats Mmmmm so I am on my best behaviour.. I'm sure all my furry brothers and sisters are making fun of me but lets see who's laughing when I get the treats!!!




By Corinne Binfield, Oct 19 2013 09:46PM

The local press wrote an article about Joules, and took photos of her dressed in her favourite 'tiara' tutu as always Joules worked the camera.

Joules creates a lot of fun and attention where ever she goes and she puts a smile on peoples faces.

It is all very light hearted. Joules has always stood out in the crowd from a very early age and has a special presence that has earned her celebrity status.

She has taken me on a journey and together we are loving every minute of it!

By Corinne Binfield, Sep 27 2013 04:41PM

Our beautiful blue girl 'Joules' makes her TV debut tonight at 7.30pm BBC1 'Ronnie's Animal Crackers' she loves all the attention that comes her way! watch us at 'The Mad Hatters Tea Party' held for our doggy friend 'Zephyr' who had been poorly, so Joules went to visit with doggy cakes Mmmmm and get well card.

While Joules was there she decided to make the most of the day and had a 'Pawdicure' which she managed to relax that much she fell asleep!

A fabulous day was had by all can't wait to see it on TV tonight, and Joules has a front row seat on Mummy's knee..


Corinne & Joules X

By Corinne Binfield, Sep 23 2013 12:49PM

I have decided to join the world of blogging especially for all our True Blue Friends out there and fans of 'Joules' our Ambasador for True Blue French Bulldogs.

It has been quite a year so far! Joules seems attract attention where ever she goes she really is a character..

We were approached this year by Plum Pictures to feature in RONNIE CORBETT'S BBC TV return after 17 years, the new series 'RONNIE'S ANIMAL CRACKERS'

There are currently trailers for the new programme being shown at various times of the day on BBC1 and Joules features 3 times .

We are in episode 2 on Friday 27th September BBC1 at 7.30pm so be sure to watch and #ronniesanimalcrackers to give your feedback!

I took Joules to visit our friends Josie & Kelly (mother & daughter) who own and run a dog grooming salon in Surrey called Licks Ooh La La to have a Pawdicure and attend a doggie tea party for Zephyr, Josies yorkshire terrier who had been unwell and was a great friend of Joules. We took Zephyr a get well card and some very tasty doggie cakes to cheer her up.

Joules had a special dress made for the occasion. The production team also spent a day at our home filming my 'babies' and we then took Joules to meet the children at a local day nursery, they had great fun dressing her up! Joules loved every minute of it.

She demands attention wherever she goes and is a real show stopper! . Joules has her very own Facebook page so if you are a fan of Joules click 'Like' on her page..


Corinne & Joules X

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