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By Corinne Binfield, May 10 2014 06:25PM

AND THE LOVE STORY CONTINUES!... Last year my beautiful blue girl 'River' who featured with Milo on BBC1 Ronnie's Animal Crackers went to live with Clare and Charles and there 2 staffies Tod and Daisy.

River fitted right in from the very beginning and never leaves Charles side she is his shadow.

When I mentioned to Clare that I was thinking of rehoming Milo as I have kept Radley who is Milos grandson and was looking for a very special home for him I must admit I was secretly hoping and praying that she would have him and the love story would be complete!

Well the ouctcome was that my darling boy left today and was reunited with River!

I really could not have chosen a better home for these two special little dogs and it makes my heart burst just to see how happy they are with Clare & Charles and not forgetting Tod and Daisy..

Here are some pics of River with Tod & Daisy, River reunited with Milo and then Milo settling into his new home sucking on his biscuit

By Corinne Binfield, Feb 25 2014 08:59PM

I am so proud to be the first breeder in the UK to produce a beautiful Blue & Tan Tri Pied baby.

The blue and tan french bulldogs are stunning!

'Liberty' will be staying here at True Blue as part of our very exciting breeding plan of Blue & Tans/ Chocolate and Tans.. she carries the very rare genetics AT/AT and there is also a 50% chance she carries chocolate!

She is H.C. clear by parentage.

By Corinne Binfield, Jan 28 2014 04:01PM

We are very excited to announce that 'Joules' our Mascot here at 'True Blue' has blessed us with 6 beautiful babies!

Joules has been featured on BBC1 Ronnie's Animal Crackers, she takes everything in her stride and loves the attention.

Joules is H C Tested and is CLEAR.

Leo is a beautiful blue boy who was the perfect choice for 'Joules' he currently holds his Bronze Health Certificate issued by The French Bulldog Club of England.

He is H C Tested and is CLEAR.

He is also pattella tested using the Putnam scoring method and the results are 0:0

These puppies are TOP QUALITY PUPPIES!

One male puppy currently available...

By Corinne Binfield, Jan 28 2014 03:56PM

Our lovely sable pied girl Xena who carries ay/at D/d has produced 5 beautiful rare babies!

1 Sable Pied Male. (Will be DNA tested on the complete A Locus & D locus)

1 Black & Tan Pied Male. (Will be DNA tested on the complete A Locus & D locus)

1 Blue Pied Male (May be Rare Blue/Tan Pied) (Will be DNA tested on the complete A locus & D locus)

1 Blue Female (May be Rare Blue/Tan Pied) (Will be DNA tested on the complete A locus & D locus)

1 Sable Female (Maybe Blue Sable) Will be DNA tested on the complete A locus & D locus)

Dad is Sable and is a triple carrier Blue/Choc/Black & Tan. He has produced chocolate puppies so he is a blue & tan/chocolate & tan/black & tan producer.

If you would like to start your your blue and tan or black and tan program then these puppies are pure Quality from a Trusted, Reputable Breeder.

Their is a 50% chance some of the puppies will also carry the chocolate gene but you cannot test for the chocolate gene at the moment.

By Corinne Binfield, Dec 17 2013 10:01PM

What a lovely surprise when we checked our emails and found that Jonathan Ross had favorited Joules's Xmas post featuring her sister 'Jaeger' on Twitter.

We are huge fans of Jonathan and are over the moon that out of all the millions of tweets he receives he noticed ours!!

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