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Introducing Our New Baby Puglet ' Diamond Queen' aka Queenie

By Corinne Binfield, Oct 27 2013 05:10PM

Yesterday was a very emotional day for me!

One of those days that make me believe in fate and what will be will be. Just thought I would share a period in my life that was once full of heartbreak but now full of new hope!

Strange, because I now feel that I have come full circle and want to share my news with all my doggie friends with my new addition, my little puglet ‘Queenie’

10 years ago I bought my first pug ‘Molly’ and we entered into the show world, with Molly by my side we went on to win many awards including Best in Show, Best Bitch to name but a few.

I kept one of Molly’s babies and named her ‘Drama Queen’ she was a natural from the start. Drama Queen followed in her mummy’s footsteps and won awards in puppy groups, best puppy and had glowing critiques written about her.

Some years later and due to personal circumstances I had to let my babies go, I was heartbroken. Molly went to live with a wonderful lady who had bought one of Molly’s babies from me and Drama Queen went to live with a friend of mine. I never really got over losing my ‘babies’ it was a very painful time for me.

Drama Queen went on to win her first CC ticket at the 125th Golden Anniversary of The Pug Dog Club, which was quite a feat. Even though I no longer owned her I was so very proud of ‘my girl’.

My heart has always been with my pugs but I always said I would never have another unless I could have one from where my breeding line began. It has taken many years and many changes along the way, then suddenly the right ‘baby’ came along!

By coincidence the lady who adopted my lovely Molly and has been successfully showing and breeding her pugs for many years now had an upcoming litter by ‘Poppy’ Molly’s granddaughter, she said if there was a little girl in the litter she would love for me to have one. I didn’t dare hold my breath just in case there was not a girl available but she rang me to say there were 2 girls, one she was keeping and one available for me, I thought my heart would burst!

Yesterday after a long drive to pick up my new baby and upon arrival, guess who shuffled in to greet us ? but a ‘little grey old pug’ MY MOLLY… as I held Molly in my arms again all the years fell away.

10 years down the line I am now breeding my beautiful frenchie’s who I adore, but I have never forgot my first pug Molly and the love I still have for this beautiful breed!

Once you have loved them they leave a paw print on your heart forever.

So here she is Twirly Tops Diamond Queen at Jonalaur aka ‘Queenie’ It was meant to be!

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